Content Management

There are three ways to manage content in primo. The most pleasant is by editing it directly on the page, which works well for editorial content like articles and docs, but not so well for structured content like navigation bars. For those there are components, which are edited from components fields, which are created and integrated in the IDE.

Edit Page Content

Content sections can be identified by their light border when hovered. Their content can be directly edited in place by clicking and typing, just like a modern doc editor.

When on an empty line, a menu will popup with options to place types of content:

When hovering and selecting some text, a menu appears with formatting options:

Edit Components

When in the CMS view, click Edit while hovering over a component to update the component's content in an isolated editor. The editor contains a live preview which updates instantly as content changes.

Edit Page/Site Content

Clicking Fields in the top toolbar will show options to create Fields for the current Page & the site. Values can be overwritten if they share the same ID, for instance a Site Field with the ID of nav can be overwritten by a page